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Core on Fire Trampoline Workout Class, 20-20-10

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

In this Trampoline workout class you have: 20 minutes core on fire, 20 minutes bounce and rebounding, 10 minutes arm toning. Abs and core strength on the mat and using the trampoline, you’ll move in all planes. Cardio rebounding laced with cardio runs or spurts. And lastly, dynamic arm toning exercises.

The trampoline is a fabulous full body, cardio workout, cell cleansing, fat-burning, stamina increasing, and energy boosting.

*Equipment Needed : 

Trampoline, Mat & hand weights (optional). (preferably a high quality trampoline mat which absorbs more than 80% of the shock. If you follow the link here you’ll find our trampoline made by Bellicon and it absorbs 95% of the shock. We recommend getting the strongest bungees). You also need your Mat today and if you would like to use hand weights (5lbs or under) for our arm toning part of class, go ahead and keep them nearby!

The Course of this Class :

I often recommend starting with your strength training before coming to your cardio, but today you have an all-in-one! Be ready for your first 20 minutes to work your abs hard, glute bridges and planks, mountain climbers as well. Next, you’ll hop onto your trampoline mat and start bouncing for the next 20 minutes. Expect to alternate between faster and slower jumps, improving cardiovascular health, stamina and also dropping between fat burning and cardio heart rates. You will finish with a 10 minute arm toning workout and off you go for the rest of your day.

Turn on your favorite playlist today to workout to, always most motivating with music! 🎶

Let me know how you enjoyed your workout after class below in comments! 👇🏼

Class Level : 

ALL levels.

Goals : 

Improve cardiovascular conditioning, stamina, endurance and fitness. Increase core strength, glutes, hamstrings, arms and shoulders. Burn fat and calories. Total body toning and lifting in this trampoline workout class.

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