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Barefoot Carefree Cardio: Easy, Breezy Trampoline Workout from home!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

This easy, breezy trampoline workout home mixes light cardio for 25 full minutes of rebounding with core strengthening and toning to start and light stretches to finish. We’ll use cardiolates jumps for full lymphatic and cellular cleansing along with boosting the metabolism and toning the full body. A great stand alone workout at any time of day, or following a strength training routine. The trampoline mat enables us to tone the body at a much deeper level as every muscle is engaged while rebounding both at contact and up in the air.

The trampoline has a way of evacuating stress and strain in the body as it forces all the fluids to flow. It is therefore a great stress reliever at the end of a day, in addition to all its other benefits. You’ll leave tonight’s class feeling energized, relaxed, and more flexible.

*Equipment Needed : 

Trampoline (preferably a high quality trampoline mat which absorbs more than 80% of the shock. If you follow the link here you’ll find our trampoline made by Bellicon and it absorbs 95% of the shock. We recommend getting the strongest bungees). Nothing else needed today.

The Course of this Class :

I did a TRX workout before this one, if you want to link to that and do it before, you are more than welcome, click HERE.

As usual, we start with core ab exercises on the trampoline mat before bringing it up to our jumps. The malleable mat is highly effective to helping us engage deeper into our abdominals around our spine. Turn on your favorite playlist tonight as we jump to motivate you. About 8 minutes warming up our core; next, 25 minutes jumping; about 5 minute cool down testing single leg balance and light stretching to finish it all out. One cardio spurt at the end, the rest of our jumps we’ll be respecting that vertical alignment to improve posture and benefit from a full body flow (circulation) head to toe. Our pace is breezy tonight, we’ll raise the heart rate for sure and increase the metabolism. If you want to take it stronger, by all means you can increase the pace! Make this your trampoline workout at home for your needs in the moment!

Drop me a note below and let me know how you liked it. Thanks 👍🏼

Class Level : 

ALL levels.

Goals : 

Increase blood flow. Get cellular and lymphatic cleansing. Improve posture and alignment. Relieve and evacuate stress in the body. Improve energy levels. Boost mood. Defy gravity! Float and fly. Tone full body and at a cellular level. Raise heart rate. Boost metabolism.

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