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Carved Coved CORE in Coromandel

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner++

trim waist.. *Equipment Needed :     Mat, no more! 

Focus :    Join me from Cathedral Cove in New Zealand. No equipment needed just grab your mat and let’s work a trim waist!

Class Level :     Intermediate.

The Course of this Class :     In class today we isolate that below the belly button region, what is sometimes called “our low abdominals”. We don’t have “low” abs, but it’s that area that often pouches, and we wish to get flat! In order to get results, our moves are focused, slow and controlled. In addition, I’ll use a lot of pre-Pilates type exercises to target this area and then increase the difficulty for all our CORE. We’ll even sneak in some booty and triceps. Get ready to tune in, concentrate, direct your breath, and sculpt that waistline.

Goals :     Trimmer and fitter waistline.

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