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TRX Stretches to Release, Open, & Cool Down

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus : 

These TRX stretches will open the body, stretch the chest, sides, back, and legs. Use this for a great cool down or an end-of-the-day release after a busy day. Enjoy this gentle flow with a welcome amount of extension and lengthening through the body.

Equipment Needed : 

TRX or other suspension trainer system and your Mat.

The Course of this Class :

Get ready to lunge, twist, backbend, side bend, undulate your spine, and simply flow and stretch. We start on our feet and finish on the mat with a few more classical Pilates type exercises reminiscent of the Pilates Suspension Method. You’ll get a little bit of setting in core work and finish with spinal extensions. These trx stretches are all about finding and creating length in the muscles and tissues, moving with fluidity and ease to create circulation and openness throughout.

Class Level : 

Confirmed user of the suspension trainer. You don’t need to be intermediate, just have a basic understanding of how to align yourself, engage your shoulder stabilizing muscles while using the trx at end range of movement. If in doubt, try it and see! 😊

Goals : 

Create release in muscles and tissues; open breath, heart and chest wall; lengthen the muscles and stretch. Shoulder stabilizers and core strength will be depended upon & improved just by way of properly doing this flow. These trx stretches are great for a cool down after any other workout, or as a stand alone release, stretch and flow session.

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