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TRX Upper Body & Core Crush Circuit Training

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :  Trampoline, Mat and a box or step of some kind. (This is used for 2 exercises only, so if you have 2 kettle bells or 2 yoga blocks that works as well, or you can do it just directly onto the mat, no worries! 😉)

Focus :  In this TRX upper body & core crush workout we are doing just that, heavy focus on those upper back muscles, shoulder stabilizers (those are the muscles below and around your shoulder blades), arms, chest and yes the core too! The lower body isn’t left hanging but this workout is a circuit type training meant to be able to stack with another workout such as a lower body focused TRX class, a bounce class to follow up with cardio, or whatever you like!

The Course of this Class : We will move through one long circuit sequence if you will and finish with some opening moves to leave you with the option of pressing replay to repeat the circuit 1 -2 more times, or just finish off with me once through. Or, stack this workout with another. You decide! 😉 This workout is truly full body as is always suspension training, full body integration in all we do.

Class Level :  Intermediate on up.

Goals :  Build stronger shoulders, arms and back muscles, and a stronger more defined core. Strengthen all shoulder stabilizers thereby releasing undue tension in upper traps and shoulders (if you take your tension there 😉). This is all about increasing upper body strength, definition and tone. No more flabby arms!

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