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Ultimate AB Attack

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Beginner++

*Equipment Needed :     Reformer.

Focus :    The ultimate ab crush! This is pure core from 1-100 and A-Z, that is all we are hitting today! Get ready to crush it. You can do this anytime alone or along with another workout. Just promise me you guys will open your chest up afterwards and stretch your frontline ;) You will have fabulous abs if you do this regularly, you guys are amazing!!!

Class Level :     Beginner – Intermediate on up.

The exercises aren’t level difficult in and of themselves. If you are a beginner you’ll want to know the basics, the Pilates principles, how to position yourself correctly (if you aren’t sure check out our How To video tutorials, and then try this workout in doses and you’ll build your strength little by little!!)

The Course of this Class :     Side seated obliques, strapped and unstrapped; next, reverse strapped abdominals, and lastly, classic hands in straps for an ultimate ab targeted workout.

Goals :     If you are wanting to hone in on a certain area, the abdominals, then this class is for that. It gives the satisfaction of knowing you have worked your core (trust me you’ll feel it tomorrow ;)), but it can also be useful to work on your technique and breath making sure that when you do these exercises in other classes you are doing them correctly.

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