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Upper Back Extension with Full Body Power

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Intermediate

*Equipment Needed :      Pilates Chair and Mat.

Focus :    Upper back extension and strength. We want to open up the front of the body and also work the backline (or posterior chain). We will sneak in some work of our core as well, mainly using it as a stabilizer. We’ll use full body power to achieve upper body expansion and not implosion!

Class Level :     Intermediate on up.

The Course of this Class :     We start nice and easy seated on the floor with a tall spine. Then we move it into some stronger front planks and active cat/cows with extension. Move into swan, walking planks and marching bridges. Then into Roll overs, teaser, and the ab series. It’s not over yet, stand it up for some stronger lifted sequencing on the chair. Trust me, this is a full body flow and you’ll feel not just more open but stronger to afterwards.

Goals :      Open up the entire front line of the body. If you spend time at a desk, behind the wheel of a car, on your smart phone a lot, any work that is down and in front of you, THIS is YOUR workout! Let’s expand your upper body, no more imploding and holding stress. Strengthen your back body and open the front for stretch, breath, lift, length, vitality and longevity! We ALL need this one.

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