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Upper Body Reformer Fit Workout: Arms & Abs Kicker 💪🏼

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :  In this upper body reformer fit workout we are combining weight training with body weight training and the best of resistance training all together for more strength and definition in those arms and abs. Build lean muscle tone into that upper body. Use mindfulness in our movement and not mindlessness, moving intelligently through each exercise and using total body integration in all we do. Only 35 minutes this workout can be on those days you have less time to train or be easily combined with any lower body workout, whole body workout, on or off the Reformer, or cardio workout after.

*Equipment Needed :  Reformer, the box, and 2 hand weights. (NOTE: I started with just 1 hand weight and that’s what I say in the beginning but in the very end I did use both so I recommend having both on hand 🙊😉 I used 10 lbs. weights each, I do suggest going heavier today if you can, it will increase the difficulty and better the results if you are ready for it. If not, just go lighter and build up your strength. Remember, never sacrifice form for function!)

The Course of this Class : There are quite a number of fun new little moves in this upper body reformer fit class that I am trying out and enjoying, see what you think as you move through them with me. Plan to stand up on your moving carriage and certainly get ready for more than 2 or 3 plank exercises. I mean, this is arms and abs, you didn’t forget right? 😁 Plenty of 4-point kneeling work, standing, lunging, you know, things like that. Try class and then let me know below in comments what it was like for you! 👇🏼

Class Level :  Intermediate on up.

Goals :  Build more upper body strength. Increase fitness level and lean muscle mass with the addition of the weights. Move mindfully and not mindlessly. Total body integration in all we do even if the focus may be targeted on a certain area of the body. Challenge and improve the diagonal systems in the body.

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