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Day 1: Upper Body Strength Training, Trim & Tone

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

Today we are upper body strength training to hit those goals of getting stronger and therefore building leaner muscle. Today is all about trimming, toning and tightening those arms and abs. Welcome to our first day in our Strength Training for fat loss program. Whether you are looking to burn fat or not, this workout is all about increasing your strength, specifically focused today on that upper body: arms, back, shoulders and some abs as well.

When we build lean muscle, this is what burns fat. So, if you’re wondering why it’s called a program for fat loss, it’s because this is the by product of building strength properly. This said, we’ll be using the addition of dumbbells with the resistance of the Reformer in these workouts for the best double whammy punch possible; getting the max benefit we possibly can from both training methods. And we are adding the dumbbells because this specifically targets increasing strength and muscle. Don’t think bulk! Don’t worry! None of this will even be able to create bulk, this is long lean muscle. Yes those long lines you know well of the Pilates silhouette, that’s what we are working on! So get excited to see change and feel stronger!

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer and 1 lighter set of dumbbells/hand weights. I’ll be using 3 lb. but you could easily go up to 8 lb., the middle ground would be between 4-6 lb./2-3.5 kg. You’ll see my long box in the video to the side, but it’s not used in this workout, so not to worry, you do NOT need your box today.

Class Level :     

Intermediate level taught, but modifications will be given for some exercises & I encourage ALL levels to try this class and this program. Listen to your body, know your limits, never go too hard too fast, modify where you need to and if you give your body the stepping stones it needs you WILL see progression!

For those of you more advanced: grab heavier dumbbells, put on a heavier spring weight on the Reformer, add a few more reps in, and I promise you too will find your challenge!

The Course of this Class :   

This upper body strength training workout is all about encouraging lean muscle gain. We are splitting our days and so each workout is specifically targeting a certain area of the body, while also staying around the 30 minute mark so that the workout is accessible to everyone no matter how busy the day is! If you are coming in cold to today’s workout, not to worry, we start with a nice shoulder stretch and spine opener. Then get ready to light your shoulders and backs of arms on fire! Pull ups, push ups, plank, lats, delts, triceps, you name it, we’ll hit it.

You may feel that because our workout is so quick you could do more, pace yourself as the days will begin to stack. But if you want to do more check out the workouts suggested here below, or I challenge you to do a second turn of today’s workout if you have more time!

Goals :     

Stronger and leaner upper body: arms, shoulders, lats, triceps, delts, and upper back. Better posture. Stronger core. Burn excess fat, better muscle definition. Visible muscle tone. Move every day even if for 30 minutes. Increase strength. Improve alignment, practice & form. Alternate focus each day to finish with a full body workout throughout the week. See actual progressions in your body. Reach your goals whether to improve strength, improve posture, or burn fat and calories. Have fun 😉!

Next up : 

Lower body day.

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