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Day 26: ALL About Planks, Upper Body workout for women & men

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

This upper body workout for women and men, I say that because it is great for both and challenging for both, is all about your plank and your push up. Get ready to start with the easier stuff and finish with the harder stuff. You’ll be able to track your own progression during class. Planks work the whole body but especially the upper body. It requires strong shoulders and arms to hold and move through. We will be focusing a lot on form through each exercise, and specifically strengthening and developing the shoulder stabilizing muscles. The stronger these are the stronger you’ll feel and be while in a plank, the better your push up will be, and the healthier your shoulders will be while protected from injury and strain. In addition, strengthening the upper body builds balance in the body, most especially for women.

The addition of weights has been key in our 30 day program, and they will again be included today although less than prior workouts. This is simply because the positions themselves are challenging and strengthening enough.

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer, .Reformer box (for those of you who do not have a Reformer box you will modify as you see best when we are using the box), and your heavier set of hand weights.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. As mentioned above class starts today with an easier version of planks and works towards the harder version of planks. Every exercise is easily modifiable. Make this class your own. Listen to your body. Challenge yourself but also keep yourself safe. So if you aren’t ready for a certain position yet then repeat the last, or drop to your knees, or keep your hands higher than your feet. I’ll talk about all this through class as well.

The Course of this Class :   

We start with our hands higher than our feet. This is always “easier”. Think of doing push ups with your hands against a wall and you are standing. Definitely much easier than when you are hands and feet on the floor, same level. So this is how we start class. Then, we’ll move to our hands and feet being at the same level. And finally, we’ll elevate our feet above the level of our hands. All this will also allow you to see the progress you have made and where you still need to continue to work. And don’t worry! We are always a work in progress! We’ll also be repeating mostly the same exercises in 3 different positions so it will really give us the chance to hone in on our strength and progress. If your wrists get tired, massage them out, but we’ll also be on elbows and forearms today so it’s a good mix up. A great class for everyone, and most especially a great upper body workout for women as we are often weaker in our shoulders and arms and need to build these supporting muscles to create balance in the body and improve in our planks and push ups.

Well done today, what did you notice has improved? What are you still developing in strength? Write it below in comments then go grab lots of water and rest up till tomorrow’s workout!

Goals :     

Develop stronger shoulder supporting muscles for shoulder blades, upper back and shoulders for better form and function. See and know where our progressions are and what we need to continue working on. Challenge our bodies. Transform our fitness. Increase upper body strength. Improve overall muscular balance. Tone. Shape. Sculpt. Burn. More confidence in planks and push ups. Achieve your goals whether to improve strength, posture, burn fat and calories. Have fun 😉!

Next up : 

Full body.

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