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Day 11: This Weighted Cardio Workout packs a punch

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

Focus :   

This weighted cardio workout done today from the cliffs for extra motivation will get you right into the fat-burning cardio zone! This is full body from core work, to glutes and legs, to arms, chest and back. We include light, low-impact plyometrics to get the heart rate up and then move at a quick pace to keep it up throughout our entire workout. You’ll have 3 rounds of 9 exercises in each round. 50 seconds each, 10-20 seconds transition to the next exercise. 1 full minute rest in between rounds. This class is a great pick me up on its own, and also a great class to help increase your fitness level. It is also part of our 30 Day Strength Training for fat loss and lean muscle gain program. Weights are incorporated to increase the cardio and fat-burning challenge, as well as the efficiency of the results in the body.

Equipment Needed :     

Mat, 1 set of heavier hand weights, and a jump rope. If you don’t have a jump rope you can easily jump in place or jump over your water bottle or towel on the mat.

Class Level :     

ALL levels. This is a low impact class. If you have any reason to not jump you will easily be able to adapt the exercises including jumps to stepping or walking it out. Make this yours and modify as needed.

The Course of this Class :   

Class moves quickly today once we jump into it. This is in order to maintain our heart rate up. As said above you will have 3 rounds of 9 exercises in each round. This is a weighted cardio workout which will increase the cardio and fat-burning challenge, but if you are new to weights, start with body weight only. If you heart rate gets higher than fat-burning and this is your goal, take a rest and rejoin us, or simply slow down your pace during each exercise. Expect to move in all planes, lying on the floor to standing. I hope today’s background will motivate our movement and get us through the tough spots!

Afterwards, drop me a note below in comments to let me know how you liked class. Did you get a sweat?👇🏼

If you want even more cardio at the end of today, wow! You’re amazing. I challenge you to hit replay – OR – check out the classes I’ve handpicked for you below in this description! And go for it because tomorrow is your flexibility day to stretch it all out!

Goals :     

Raise the heart rate to a fat-burning level and then maintain it there throughout class. If you are able to monitor your heart rate do so to keep yourself in the fat burning range, unless you want to train cardio and go higher. Calorie burn. Cardio cleansing. Improve blood and oxygen circulation and flow. Increase endurance and stamina. Tone & shape. Alternate daily workouts for a balanced full body program to encourage fat loss and lean muscle gain. See and feel progressions in your own fitness level, strength, ability and energy. Have fun 😉!

Next up : 

Flexibility day.

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