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Weighted Upper Body Workout with Paola, Live Replay

Instructor: Paola Simboli
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :
 Your Mat, hand weights, and a yoga block (this is only used in the very beginning, you can easily use a folded towel or book if you don’t have a block).

This weighted upper body workout is a LIVE replay of our Pilates Mat flow focusing on strength, stability & stretch lead by Paola from Pilates Academy Dubai.

Focus :  Exercises focus on muscular harmony, deep strength, breathing, control and flexibility flowing from one movement into the next.

Class Level :  ALL levels. Modifications given, adjust for your needs.

Goals :  Tone the body, gain more flexibility, improve circulation and move fluidly in this Pilates weighted upper body workout on the mat at home or from anywhere. A great class to start any day.

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