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“Runners Up” Workout FOR RUNNERS, support your sport!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: All Levels

*Equipment Needed :  A Mat and yoga block.

Focus :  This workout for runners will support you in your sport whether enjoyed casually or competitively. Use this as a warm up, a cool down or on your day off. Find more balance in your hips for your gate and more strength in your glutes. Whole body conditioning as we need full body strength for strong, balanced running.

Meet Paola from Pilates Academy Dubai. Paola is also a runner in addition to teaching Pilates. She loves to challenge Pilates enthusiasts by bringing them to the next level offering strength, balance and core strength. Expect to combine athletic and calorie-burning exercises with traditional Matwork.

Class Level :  FOR RUNNERS and EVERYONE else too! Don’t miss this one guys! This will be great for gate, walking, running and whole body conditioning.

Goals :  Improve gate, glute strength and activation, whole body conditioning and balance for your running. Increase and challenge your full body strength and fitness, coordination, balance and connectivity. Support yourself in your sport for longevity, performance, endurance, and injury prevention.

Playlists great for runners : Booty & Balance, Athletic Reformer, Barre

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