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Your Fat-Burner Cardio + HIIT Workout Weekend, Let’s Sculpt & Shred!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus :   

Here’s a great workout for weekend or just after, or anytime really. Let’s have some fun, loose (shred) and sculpt! This is FULL BODY strength training combined with cardio using high intensity intervals. Today is a bit of a prop party🎉 as I bring in LOTS of props. If you don’t have them all please don’t be intimidated, many are optional! From legs, glutes, abs, back and arms, nothing is missed in this workout. Fast paced we start with our HIIT strength training and end with fast cardio jumps on the jumpboard. Get ready to have some fun and get movin’! Turn your favorite playlist on to pump yourself up! 🎶

Equipment Needed :     

Reformer, Reformer sitting box (if you don’t have it try to do these exercises directly on the Reformer carriage), jumpboard (if you don’t have one, join us for the first 30 minutes of class!), jump rope (if you don’t have one, jump in place! Simple.), OPTIONAL: 1 set of hand weights 5lb. or under, 1 single heavier weight 10lb. or more, 1 booty band, 1 fit ball.

Class Level :     

Intermediate – Advanced. But honestly I would love to see each of you put yourself up to the challenge. Modifications are suggested when needed. Simply listen to your body, slow it down if you need to, skip what you need and modify what you need. But try it, sweat and have fun with me!

The Course of this Class :   

The first 30 minutes of this workout weekend class will be strength based and use high intensity intervals. We will go back and forth between the Reformer and the floor. From a lying down plane to a standing up plane of movement to get our heart rates up. When on a timer you’ll have it up on the screen for you and when on a count, I’ll be giving it to you. We will then jump for 20 minutes at a rather rapid pace to really get our heart rate up fast. Lastly get ready to end class with some tough planks!

Class pace is quick after our first warm up. Use this class to push yourself and really focus in on your core, your alignment, your breath and your flow. If you are finding it too easy, then crank up the volume by increasing springs, increasing reps or increasing pace. Just make sure you keep the quality of your movement throughout each exercise!

How did you like class, did you like the combo of HIIT and Cardio? Drop me a comment below I always love getting your feedback 👇🏼

Goals :     

High intensity strength training combined with cardio intervals and topped off with a real cardio run to challenge our fitness, shed weight, burn calories, burn fat, and build lean muscle. Have fun for a workout weekend or anytime really. Combine both HIIT and cardio together getting both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Good for the heart. Helpful for weight management. Great for overall fitness. Increase power and strength.

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