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Your Strength and Cardio Workout ALL IN ONE ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฝ, oh yeah!

Instructor: Kristine Chaussard
Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Focus : 

Strength and cardio workout all in one. You’ll target toning and sculpting your entire posterior chain, gain strength, improve posture, alleviate tension and stress: tone upper back, firm arms, strengthen shoulders, lats and obliques, sculpt glutes and hamstrings. This is weight lifting and resistance training combined together for the most impact and best results fast! Then, it’s time to burn fat and calories and hit the jumpboard. Lots of legs and arms continued.

A fabulous all-in-one workout video, no need to look for 2 to combine, and no need to spend more than 1 full hour, this is your one stop shop today! Full body though with a specific focus on strengthening your back posterior chain.

Weightlifting coupled with the resistance of the Reformer offers the best of both training methods for lean muscle building, toning, and shaping. This type of workout is very efficient and effective. A great way to transform body mass index. Today’s session will also improve your form and posture in all you do.

Equipment Needed : 

Reformer, the box, the jumpboard, and 2 sets of hand weights. (1 heavy set: 8-15lbs. and 1 lighter set: 1-5lbs.). If you only have 1 set, don’t worry about it that works too! Lighter set only? Use them the whole time. Heavier set only? Set them down for the times we need lighter. But whatever you do, don’t skip this workout, you’re gonna want to do this one I promise you!

The Course of this Class :

We start with a beautiful thoracic spine stretch and opener before we hit our weights. Very important to get blood flow and movement into this part of the spine and body. Next the first 40 minutes of class is all weight lifting and training. We start at the top and move down, upper body first then to the lower body; or, simple exercises onto complex (full body integration) exercises. After exhausting our sugar stores for immediate energy, it’s time to hit the jumpboard and burn some fat and calories! 20 minutes of jumping, putting to test our coordination, strength, form and control. During our jumps we’ll continue to challenge those same muscle groups as earlier.

Let me know below in comments how you found class! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

If you experience ANY joint discomfort in this strength and cardio workout, most especially related to the use of the weights, put your weights aside and continue the movement without the addition of the weights. Make sure to always listen to your body and know your limitations. Stay in good alignment, watch closely over your form, this prevents injuries and keeps us moving well.

Class Level : 

Intermediate – Advanced.

Goals : 

Transform and shape our bodies. Challenge peak fitness. Find new ways to challenge the body. Build lean muscle, burn fat, increase power and strength. Define musculature in upper back, arms, shoulders, lats, abs, glutes, thighs, hamstrings, and quads. Lengthen and stretch the psoas. Remedy tilted pelvis either anteriorly or posteriorly. Better form and function in all we do. Total body integration.

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