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Hi, adventurers! I’m Kristi, the founder of Gone Adventuring, and I’m so happy you’ve found us. At Gone Adventuring, it’s our mission to make quality Pilates & fitness workouts accessible to you—no matter who or where you are. We offer at home workout video classes at every level from complete beginner to Pilates aficionado. Whether you want to use a Reformer or just your bodyweight and have your workout last 15 minutes or an hour, we have the perfect at home workout video for you.

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Wherever in the world you are, you’re invited to join us for a live class. Though you may still be in your living room, live online fitness classes are a completely different experience compared to our pre-recorded classes. When you join us for a live class, you move with the knowledge that others across the globe are moving with you in unison. Each week, there are several opportunities for you to revitalize your energy by breathing and moving in real time with us. Our live online fitness classes capture the energy you’d find in any in-person studio.

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All levels • Mat & Apparatus

Pilates • Fit Fusion • Barre • Cardio • HIIT •  TRX

$20 per class • 50% off for members

Move with us from wherever you are on the planet! We’re here, sweating with you.

Gone Adventuring’s vast library of at home workout videos grants subscribers 24/7 access to hundreds of fitness videos. If you’re looking for a certain type of workout, our videos are pre-grouped into convenient categories by level, genre, and apparatus. You can even create your own collection of videos for easy access to your favorite classes!

Use our playlists to help motivate you, step outside your comfort zone, and challenge yourself! Each of our exercise videos has been carefully curated to strengthen your back, build your booty, radically improve your posture, and so much more. At home workout videos don’t have to be boring!

Are you looking to target a certain area or are you wanting a total body workout?

These playlists will help you find your focus and reach your goals! 

This is your personal home studio, find your favorites here, 

or tag your individual favorites and come back to them over and over.  We are here to motivate, inspire and activate you!

Personal training

Personal training with Kristi Chaussard

Would you like to go further in your fit journey by having a personal trainer address your unique needs and goals; be there as your accountability & motivation; & ultimately help you effectively see tangible changes through targeted movement?

We’ve got you covered with our 1 on 1 personal training virtual classes.  Choose who you’d like to train with and connect with us virtually from anywhere in the world!

santa barbara Gone Adventuring Pilates studio

Discover our beautiful outdoor studio located in Santa Barbara, California. We are lucky to live in such a lovely climate where we can be outdoors all year round! Come join Kristi for a private class.

Have a specific need, an injury, a certain goal for your fitness? Kristi works attentively with each individual to reach their goals. Start your personal training specially curated for your body’s unique needs and goals.

Discover our fabulous and wonderfully diverse, certified instructors. Make sure to check out their workout videos in the library as they each bring a unique perspective and educated background to their teaching and practice. You’ll learn and gain something specific from each one of them in your movement. We have hand selected these instructors from all over the world, and we will be continually adding more to bring you the best in movement, movement instructors and personal trainers! 


Did you know you can find Gone Adventuring on Instagram and YouTube? We’d love to get to know you on another platform! Our social media is filled with more at home workout videos, but spaces like our exclusive Facebook group are just for you and other adventurers to connect with each other. A strong sense of community is good for both your mental and physical health.

A study found that 95% of people who started a workout program with friends completed it!
Invite your friends so you can workout together! 
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Moving together is always much more motivating and fun than moving alone!
We are here to encourage one another to have fun while we move and live well!

Gone Adventuring exists to make quality Pilates & fitness workouts more accessible to you no matter where you are.

Are you short on time?
Do you like to workout from home?
Do you want to add in more workouts in addition to your studio or gym time?
Do you have props, a Reformer or Chair, or a Mat at home?

Are you an Instructor looking for fresh ideas?

Whatever the reason, moving together is always much more motivating and fun than moving alone.

We are here to encourage one another to have fun while we


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